About The Nutrition Physician


It’s a fair assumption that your doctor knows next to nothing about nutrition.  Given that the process of digesting the information presented in medical school is equated to drinking water from a fire hydrant, it’s hard to blame a budding physician for not investing great effort into the “soft science” of nutrition.  How hard can it be, really?

It was certainly easier for me as a busy physician to regurgitate what I already “knew” about nutrition and to defer any specific (or time-consuming) issues to the dietitians, assuming that they were instructing patients on the best practices that must be based on the most recent science.  After all, I didn’t just go 6 figures into debt to learn inaccurate information…

It took several years and several enlightening moments to get me to question what I had been taught…and the painful realization finally set in that nutrition dogma was embarrassingly wrong and I had been giving my patients bad information all along.

Frustrated by the outdated nutrition guidelines that are perhaps based more on political persuasion than actual science, I aim to restore common sense to health care.

I work as a hospitalist (a hospital-based physician) in an urban hospital, a role I assumed after working in a busy suburban clinic for a few years providing full-spectrum care, from birth to grave.  Like essentially all other physicians, I received virtually no training on nutrition in medical school or residency.

Now, I am on a mission to improve medical care with the best available evidence, not only for the critically ill patients I serve daily but also for those who may be at risk for a similar fate due to decades of bad dietary advice.

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